Blockchain Consulting Ltd.

Your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency experts specializing in mining and full-stack web development.

Karl, the company founder, started mining Bitcoin and Litecoin in 2012: first as a hobby, then an obsession then finally a profession. Karl has architected, built and currently maintains large-scale GPU and ASIC mining operations in Canada and Mexico. He also created and maintains My Crypto Buddy, a website with various mining profitability analytics tools which recieves over 20,000 daily views.


With over five years experience in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we are able to offer a number of services including but not limited to:

  • Mining systems architecture
  • Mining profitabiity maximization
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technical consulting
  • Cryptocurrency-related programming services
  • Cryptocurrency ATM consulting
  • Knowledge transfer seminars


Designed and built numerous large-scale mining operations

These operations include both ASIC and GPU based miners, the planning of which spanning from parts sourcing, to profitability projections to floor layouts.

Created numerous mining profitability projection tools

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